Win $100

I am taking part in a huge referral competition for a new currency trading site, that pays a minimum of $15000 IF I get into the Top 10!
I am currently ranked at #93 (updated every 24h)

How can you help?
Simple, go to the link below - read the info then join, it doesn't cost anything and you don't need to supply any financial details like credit card or so:)

The only thing that is required is your name and your Email address. Important: You MUST verify your Email when asked to do so (at the end of the competition), as only those people with confirmed email accounts count as genuine referrals!

After you have registered, send us an Email to [email protected] with a screenshot clearly showing your position at PrimeBXT to enter the draw to win $100. IF I get into the Top 3, there will be 5 x $100 winners!

So please take 5 min out of your busy life & help us reach this goal.